Weekend Discoveries

I have found myself going to sleep later and later. There is always one more thing to read, one more link to click.

Here are a few new favourites:

• Spring Sangria recipes from The Glitter Guide.

• Ultimate home tours, all in one place, The Selby blog.

• Rich always likes to play the boys music whilst they are in the bath. Grown up music. I love that he is introducing them to some legends and classics, I found this - I must get it for Father's Day, Radiohead are his favourite!

• Pies in mason jars from Lovely Little Details - Oh my days, I LOVE it!

• My office would look so much prettier with this lantern. I might have to ship one to my brother and bring it back in August!

• I am in full Circus Party prep mode now for Sammy's 4th Birthday at the end of May. How sweet are these tattoos?!

Have you made any great discoveries this week?

Psst I am in the shortlist for a national bog award and I would love your vote in the Photo and Craft categories! You can vote here. Voting closes on the 12th May for the Finalists, so don't delay, vote today!

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