8 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today we have been married 8 years. 

I use social media a lot. Like everyday, probably every hour, a lot. 

But I realised, bar a couple of others, these were the only pictures of just the two of us, that I have tweeted or posted to Facebook in the last year. (The one next to the glasses was from our anniversary last year - wow - I need to get back to Slimming World!)

Richard and Lucy Heath.jpg

A lot gets in the way of being just a couple. Children, work, family, worries. Sometimes it's easy to forget you are a couple, not just a mother and father. 

We always say we know why we get on best, when we are getting on really well, and it's because we are working as a team. 

And when we stop working as a team, life gets tetchy. Bickering starts and sometimes you need something to snap you out of it. 

I think we need to realise, that every year you are together, is another year you have grown. And you have to hope you continue to grow in the same direction. 

Someone once said to me, that how they have managed to stay together for 25 years is that neither of them wanted to get divorced at the same time! That every year on their anniversary, they said "Shall we give it another year?!" 

I took every bit of sentiment out of those lines and think it's an excellent way to live. That there may be times when you are driven to distraction or are being pulled in different directions. But as long as you both consciously make the decision to stay married, you consciously choose to work together.  

If you make an effort to be a team, then happiness happens all by itself. 

Well that's what works for us anyway. 

Happy Anniversary darling. I love you. 

ps. I hope you like your "bronze" present ;) 8 years, and we still follow the old traditional gifts! 


We had a glorious wedding, a big white marquee in the grounds of the school where we met. The ceremony was in the school chapel and the only thing I would have changed would have been the weather! It poured and poured and poured! (Well I may have changed a few little things now I have Pinterest in my life!)

Here's the black and white short version of our wedding video, if you'd like to have a peek!