A Changing Bag to Last a Lifetime of Motherhood • featuring BabyBeau

When I was first pregnant with Sammy I rushed out, I'm sure like millions of others, and bought the huge travel system with it's enormous frame and bulky, heavy wheels.

I was quite delirious in fact, at the 10 piece wonder that stood proudly before us complete with it's matching changing bag. 

But as time went on I realised that what we needed for our travels and lovely holidays was a lightweight buggy that collapsed to the smallest size possible. And so the travel system went in the loft ready for a number 2 someday and the changing bag gathered dust. My handbag then became a makeshift changing bag, filled with crumbs and odd wet wipes stuffed into pockets.

Now Ollie, our number 2, is rising three, and the list of "essentials" is slowly getting less and less by the day. I end up grabbing a nappy and some wipes and sticking them in the back of the seat pocket in the car.

Not at all satisfactory when we have an emergency 2 person situation, which still happens on occasions.

So when I was sent this beautiful soft grain leather Coco changing bag from BabyBeau, it made me realise that, whilst he's still 2, I do need somewhere to store all his bits, a snack, maybe a drink, just not one that screams "I am a changing bag!"

I often go straight from the school run to a supermarket and this bag is perfect for the ever changes stages of motherhood.

For me now, it's making the most wonderful camera bag complete with pockets for spares and big boy pants!

baby beau changing bag

Stage 1

The Newborn Stage - oh I remember it well! The cotton wool pads for the first few weeks, the bottles, the milk cartons for emergencies.

newborn changing bag essentials

Then all of a sudden you start to slim down a little.

Stage 2 

1 years old and you have snacks available at all times, I carried around plastic cutlery for cafés that think an 18 month old can use grown up knives and forks and tissues. Is it just me or do they seem to always have runny noses at this age?!

what to put in your changing bag

Stage 3

Then by 3 you suddenly give your bag a new lease of life. Less crumbs at the bottom more room for your beloved bits, your phone/ultimate distraction toy/soother, keys, hairbrush and the zipped pocket can be an easy to find purse, instead of rooting around on the floor in the Post Office queue.

what to put in your changing bag age 3

This bag not only looks divine but it actually smells divine too. Soft red leather that is flexible and so many inserts and pockets you will be spoilt for choice.

babybeau changing bag

Apart from the striped organiser insert, which can be removed to be used as a separate smaller bag, my favourite feature is the changing mat. 

I have bought and wrestled in the back of the boot with awful cheap plastic ones that you end up throwing away after a week. The BabyBeau changing mat is in a league of it's own! Contemporary but above all comfortable for tiny ones. And tiny toes :)

baby feet

Have a peek at the rest of the BabyBeau collection too. There is something for all modern tastes. Simple and sophisticated.

And the best thing about the Coco, now my babies are growing up, is that I can fit my laptop in it with ease. Psst it's also on sale now too.

A bag to last you through the early years and beyond is a worthy investment and with this bag you get so much for your money. Bottle holder, removable organiser, secure zipped pocket, changing mat, detachable zip pocket pouch, enormous dust bag and an adjustable strap.

baby beau changing bag

How has your changing bag changed as your children have grown? Or do you still feel feel you carry around the kitchen sink?!

babybeau coco

I was very kindly sent a Coco for the purpose of this post.