A Collector's Tale • Steller Stories

A while ago some of my favourite bloggers started sharing stories on a new app called Steller. I've been intrigued ever since but never seemed to find the time to download it and understand what it was all about.

Well wasn't I missing a treat. Imagine an Instagram post being a 20 photos long. A miniature blog post with beautiful imagery, whimsical story telling, a feast for your soul. I've needed something to help me clear my head when it feels like the world is spinning. And this is it. 

It makes me want to travel the world, cook outdoors and share all the stories that I've left untold on this blog. There's always too much of life to share, family life, home life, people and places I capture for work. But I feel like this is a wonderful outlet for some of them.

So pop over and get lost for a while. You can find me @capturebylucy.

Here's a peek of what I shared earlier tonight, my visit to a house where time has stood still.

I woke up this morning to find Steller had republished my story as one of their Editor's Picks. I feel like I have a whole new world to explore.

The photos I have shared were from a set I took for Pretty Nostalgic magazine last year. It was so lovely to see them in print.