a drink by the hut

sexonthebeach 1

We had such a fabulous time in Southbourne at the weekend. The weather was glorious until home time, when the heavens opened and we got caught in a hail storm like never before. Queue wet jeans all the way home to Weston super Mare!

We can go to Southbourne and spend not a penny. We are so lucky that my grandparents bought the flat over 30 years ago and even luckier to have a beach hut! All the big boy wanted was to get nudey on the beach! We had to keep telling him that it wasn't summer and that big boys need to wear swimming trunks!

It is that innocence that I find so heart warming. That he sees a beach and just wants to strip off and run around, come rain or shine, without a care in the world.

Last summer a few people gave us funny looks when I let him run around in just a nappy and it made me terribly sad to think that in today's society, instead of people thinking how wonderful that a child has a sense of freedom, they think it is wrong and that they should be covered up. I'm not quite brave enough for a nudist holiday so will just have to put up with the funny looks!

We took a bootle of bubbly that we were given a while ago, and the boys milk down to the hut and wrapped up warm for pre dinner drinks by the sea!

Not quite a sex on the beach or a pina colada with umbrella in the Caribbean sun, but it felt like a mini adventure!

ps I took small boy in his baby gro and sleeping bag so he was nice and cosy and then was ready to go to bed when we walked home. The bag is the only one with arms I can find and has a hole in the bottom for the car seat straps to go through so perfect for travelling too when you just want to lift them out straight into bed! Find it at JoJo Maman Bebe.