A job well done - a pirate picnic

Some days I sit back once the children are thankfully fast asleep in their bird bags (it’s what we call the sleeping pods in our house on account of Sammy’s nickname being the big bird when he was little, well he was never little, but you get what I mean!) and can’t always say I have been the best mummy today. No river walks, no feeding ducks, no arts and crafts just lots of cbeebies, maybe a Pixar film thrown in and a tea from the freezer that Annabel Karmel definitely wouldn’t be proud of.

However, today is not one of those days, well maybe we did sneak in half an hour of Wall-E!

We have had almost a whole day in the garden after a soft play session with a best pal this morning.

To end the day we had what is known as a “pirate picnic” really it is just an ordinary picnic with a pirate napkin left over from my husbands 27th birthday. But nevertheless Sammy loves it and we all had to dress up, sit on a blanket and not let the Westies eat anything!

With far too many distractions this tea time like putting the pop up tunnel on the slide and chasing the dogs playing tug of war with a disgusting dog rope that needed to be washed 6 months ago I decided to wrap up the left overs in tin foil and we had a pirate treasure hunt when Dada finished work! My husband works in the garage, literally! We converted the back to an office so we are so lucky that he only has a 3 second commute home of an evening!

Anyway, what a day me hearties! I am now looking out of the window with a glass of vino watching him push the boys on the swing!