A knight, a pair of board shorts and the hunt for Kevin


So you may have thought by the title of this post that I am losing it! Not at all, although I am so deliriously tired, after big boy waking up excited that it was his birthday, at 5.49am, that it will take a moment to explain!

We went for a "Castle picnic" today, all by chance as it turned out, as we pitched up at Banwell Castle, which is in fact a private residence, and it was only down to the kind hearted Manager, that my big boy got his birthday wish.

We had the most magical time and said more times than I could count, oh my goodness, this is just amazing, how lucky are we?!

There were 2 splendid peacocks in the grounds that kept calling loudly to one and other. If you have never heard a peacocks call but have watched the Pixar film UP, I can tell you it sounds exactly like the bird Kevin in the film!

As soon as big boy heard it he said "oh wow! Kevin!"

One was particularly vocal, so my husband took our birthday knight off on a hunt to find Kevin.

I hadn't really realised what my husband had on today. A bright pink Abercrombie t-shirt (nothing wrong with that, I love brights) and a pair of neon print board shorts (slightly weird as we weren't going swimming). Combined with the new yellow flip flops, it's what some would call brave!

It was an unusual situation. We stuck out like sore thumbs! I couldn't tell you what the other people who had stopped in at the Castle must have thought of us!

But really who cares. Although I did have to comment when my husband wore the same outfit for our early dinner at the local Indian!

My entry for Fat Mum Slim's photo a day May. Unusual.