A little birdie on Etsy told me ...

wallet 2

I discovered this sweet shop on Etsy called Flightless Bird Design by Amanda Faye. She sells all sorts of cute jewellery, prints, accessories and tea wallets!

I purchased the Boats on the Water design, but instead of keeping the sachets of herbal tea that we keep in stock for my Mother in Law in it, I am going to use it for my cards that I don't have room for in my wallet! Like gift cards, store loyalty cards etc. It is beautifully made and the print is adorable.

I think they would make a great gift for a friend who has just announced she's pregnant, as I used to carry around a freezer bag with decaf tea bags in it when I was pregnant, which got horridly mucky in the bottom of my handbag.

At around £14 (depending on the exchange rate) they are a very reasonable hand made find. Luckily, she offers international shipping!