A little find in Oxfam

I was out with my cousin in Abingdon at the weekend and we walked past the window of Oxfam.

I know we were in Oxford and the quality of the second hand goods were going to be of a higher calibre than I normally experience but their window display stopped me in my buggy tracks.

Several antique sewing machines, distressed empty picture frames with gorgeous fabrics hanging in place of the glass.

So 2 mummy’s and 2 buggies through the door later, crashing into all sorts we found a whole host of little treasures. Puzzles, books, a button tin, a contraption for big boy’s bicycle that when you twist it it makes a motorbike sound!

Then I saw this…

Absolutely divine iron ons all packaged in a beautiful book. From their new section so you can probably get one in your local Oxfam, £8.99.

Lots of birds and creatures perfect for Easter!