A Mistletoe Hunt

mistletoe hunt 9

I have been promising the boys all week we would find some real mistletoe to hang by the door. My boys are big on kisses so any excuse for some more goes down well! Little Christmas Tree road side shops have popped up all over the place and we met the sweetest farmer at the one opposite the CourtHouse.

I made a little quiz book from luggage tags and we asked the farmer lots of questions, including where does it grow, what does it smell like, what colour is it and what is it for!

Big boy came out with some classics! Apparently mistletoe smells like bananas! The farmer explained that it grows on trees, often on apple trees and that children have to be very careful as the berries are poisonous. We filled the passenger foot well of the car with a huge bunch for £2 and will hang it in the porch for all our Christmas visitors!

Big kisses to everyone this Christmas time! xxxxx

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