A nice day for a white wedding!


My lovely friend, who I have met since having children, is getting married next year. I am so ridiculously excited for her, mostly because she is the most lovely person you could ever meet and doesn't mind me bombarding her with ideas!

They are having a yellow and grey theme which I have never seen in the flesh before, but the images on the internet look amazing! Totally original!

Today at toddler group we had a chat about bridesmaid's dresses for her sisters and I just couldn't help myself when I had 10 minutes of peace but look up a few and email them to her!

Here were a few!

I know the little one isn't the right material but I just loved the bow on the back!

I love researching things! There is nothing better than seeing an idea then trying to do it yourself better and cheaper!

Hopefully she will love some of the ideas I have been pinning to Pinterest. Check out my board of what I love for the lovely bride to be!