a toddler's guide to packing

We are off to Southbourne this weekend, to our family flat on the sea front, just along from Bournemouth, that my grandparents bought over 30 years ago. All my childhood holidays, that I can remember were down at Southbourne, and both me, my big and small boys have had their first holidays on this little bit of English sea side.

I couldn't imagine ever not keeping the flat within the family. It's the only place you are allowed to walk up the zig zag path from the sea side, with no shoes on, even if you bring sandy feet into the flat!

My grandparents bought a beach hut too, all those years ago, and we have had brilliant bbq's down there, come rain or shine!

I will take lots of photos to share with you on Monday, as the only downside is there is not a scrap of service and no internet connection so it will be a twitter free weekend. Yikes! I might get withdrawal symptoms!

I have been telling big boy all week we are going and that my sister and her husband are coming too. He adores them and can't wait for Uncle to spin him round on the beach, "doing dizzy whizzy" as he affectionately calls their little ritual.

He decided this afternoon that he needed to pack his suitcase, all by himself. He disappeared upstairs and came down all packed and ready to go! Bless his heart, as we are not leaving until 7pm so they can have their normal bath and milk routine, then sleep in the car!

This is what he packed:

7 pairs of new shorts (still with tags as for this summer!)

2 pairs of swimming trunks (brave considering I imagine the sea will be fairly nippy!)

1 pair of summer pyjamas, but at least he picked a matching pair!

And 2 new t-shirts that I bought for this time next year and hid in the back of the wardrobe, because they were on sale.

Oh and the trumpet wouldn't fit but apparently that is coming with us to!

So he clearly thinks we are off to sunny climes for a weekend of swimming and trumpet playing!

He even said he had to lie on it to shut it! Just like we do when we have over packed!

Might have to secretly repack in a minute!

P.S His suitcase was from Cath Kidston 3 years ago, so not on the website anymore, but they have a gorgeous soldier one now!