Absent Friends

I am dedicating this blog post to two wonderful men, who we lost so tragically 4 years ago today. Two brothers on a weekend adventure, a terrible accident, that no one could have predicted.

They left behind two brave wives, two of our closest friends, one with a 6 month little boy, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 2, but has been treated successfully and will be starting school with all the other happy 4 year olds in September, and one who was just 10 weeks pregnant. They are both raising beautiful boys and I am so inspired by them.

I know the boys would be so proud of them and we wish so much they were here with us sharing the lovely times we have with them.

Boys we miss you. Thinking of the happy times we had together and we will raise a glass of your favourite red tonight and toast to our absent friends.

LifeLucy Heath5 Comments