Aeroplane Boy's Bedroom Inspiration • Featuring Urban Wardrobes

Welcome to the first inspiration post in the journey of us bringing life back into our new house!

We are busy working on the dining/family room, which will definitely be the most well used room in the house, and I will share my ideas for that room later this week, but first I want to show you some inspiration for the boys' bedroom.

We decided we wanted to see if the boys would like sharing a bedroom, whilst they are young and play with similar toys, and before the moody teenage years kick in!

So when we sold our lovely house in Weston, they moved into a room together at the house we rented whilst searching for our forever house. And now I couldn't imagine them not together! The don't have to share at the new house but the attic room gives them their own space, on the top floor, a bedroom and a den in one. However at the moment it's pink!

They will desperately need a wardrobe after living out of boxes for a couple of months, and the space beside the doorway is ideal. But look at the angles! The beams are beautiful but they pose a challenge to most freestanding wardrobes.

What we really need is built in fitted wardrobes like the practical and classic collections from Urban Wardrobes. I had never even thought about the possibility of sliding doors in a loft space, but their clever designs have got me thinking. We need something that maximises the storage area and bespoke wardrobes are the ideal way to get the absolute most out of every square inch.

attic room

The boys have requested an aeroplane theme to their new bedroom. So the owl and nautical accessories have been passed on and stored away (Who knows there may be a nautical party in the future to plan!) and we are now firmly in aviation mode!

I love to build a room with a curated collection, not necessarily matching but with a strong central theme and then accessorise with curious finds. I want to reuse some of the lovely things from Sammy's nautical bedroom in the last house so we are sticking with a red, white and blue palette as the main colours and have tried to source prints and decor that will grow with them rather than cutesy younger boy's bedding and pieces that will date quickly and cost lots of pennies to update in a year or so.

The boys have strong ideas, the shelves behind their bed is going to be for their "precious things", birthday cards they treasure and special certificates from school and I show them samples of decor I like on the computer and they choose their favourite.

So here are a few things on my wish list. A love list and a lust list (I need to earn a few more pounds for those) of perfect plane decorations.

Aeroplane bedroom ideas


  1. New England Style bunk beds £199.99 Argos
  2. Planes wallpaper £9.99 Decorline
  3. How cool is a hanging chair?! £48.59 from Acandi
  4. Vintage aeroplane bedding set from £9.99 Dorma at Dunelm Mill
  5. Alfie striped rug on sale £45.50 Laura Ashley


  1. Solid end detachable bunks £269.99 Amazon
  2. Spitfires Wallpaper £60 Paperboy at Not on the High Street
  3. Globo swingin chair £278.54 Amazon
  4. Aeroplane bedding from £20 Babyface
  5. Boys stripe rug £75 Babyface

So where would you splurge and where would you save? I have saved prints and other trinkets from talented makers and illustrators and I can't wait to show you the progress next week.

We hope they will be in and sleeping like babies in a week's time!

This post was kindly sponsored by Urban Wardrobes, talented crafters of all bespoke storage solutions. Oh and how much would I love a walk in wardrobe like these?!!!!!! YES PLEASE!

urban wardrobes

You can check out their blog for more design inspiration here.

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