An Adventure with Ice

ice adventure

Sammy has been intrigued by ice this week. The weekend before Christmas we had booked to go ice skating at a temporary rink at Cadbury Garden Centre. Unfortunately it tipped with rain and as they allowed us to postpone our booking, we changed the date and prayed for sunshine on Sunday 6th January! Fast forward to the 6th and we got our sunny day. In fact it was so mild, my husband skated in just a polo shirt!

We tried to explain that the ice had to melt, as our session finished, as it was the last day of the rink being open. He didn't really understand so we played a game at home to learn how ice melts. I set several of his favourite dinosaur toys in a bowl of water in the freezer. Then we let it defrost and chipped away at it with a wooden spatula! The defrost button on the microwaved helped a little and we had a good question and answer session!

I would definitely recommend the ice skating as a Christmas activity for next year. Poor Ollie couldn't go on as you had to be 2 and over but was happy to watch from the side as long as one of us was holding him. He found the glass a curious barrier!

Here are some of my favourite snaps we took. I warn you there are loads!

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