#ARWOMAN with Atterley Road • Celebrating Inspiring women

Yesterday I shared my newest selection of inspiring magazines which included Darling Magazine. This magazine champions the art of being a woman and the positive energy we can all give each other. Celebrating the art of being a woman.

So when Atterley Road contacted me to be involved in their #ARWOMAN campaign I jumped at the chance. I am hugely inspired by women. Strong, capable women who are able to balance home and work life, brave and determined women who don't take no for an answer. Bloggers I look up to like Kat, Emily and Gabrielle, women in media who have the power to influence the world like Arianna, Anna and Moira.

Atterley Road

Atterley Road is encouraging us all to share the woman that inspires us, someone in your family, a friend, someone in the public eye and tag it on Instagram #ARWOMAN. There are some incredible stories and interviews on their blog The Road so check them out and be inspired. 

I am constantly in awe of the women who push boundaries, challenge stereotypes and feel a sense of duty to empower their fellow women. I have talked about my Granny frequently on this blog. The matriarch of our family, the role model for the marriage we all aspire to. A warm and tender person with fierce determination and independence. And today I want to share my feelings for the another matriarch, whose commitment to duty and to serve her country, our monarch, Queen Elizabeth. 

The Queen.jpg

It is no secret my family are huge fans of the Royals. Every year if my life I had stood and sang the national anthem on Christmas Day and the presents under the tree are left untouched until after the Queen's speech at 3pm. We were like giddy fools on the day of the Royal wedding, with party bunting and a fever pitch level of excitement when Catherine stepped out of the car. Mum, Natalie and I all shed a few tears as she walked down the aisle, as if we were watching a best friend get married!

And the Queen herself just leaves me speechless. A woman who has held her position for a lifetime. Who stands for hours upon hours a day, makes every single person she meets feel special and has lived almost every second of her life in the public eye. Her birthdays require an official portrait, she travels thousands of miles every month and never ever, has there been a story with a complaint. I listen to her speech from her 21st birthday and feel shivers. 

"I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong."

I feel so proud of our Royal family, of the Queen's unquestionable dedication to her nation. A role model for women everywhere. She has endured humiliation, heartbreak and yet still serves her country with formidable fortitude. 

The Queen

I'd love to know what must go through her mind. Can you even imagine what life must be like? The pom and ceremony being part of normal life, the expectation of everyone around you. Out living Prime Minsters, Presidents, adapting and shaping a modern Royal household. Impartial, influential, essential.

The Queen

Charming, patriotic, devoted, informed and admired. An inspiration.

Which women inspire you? Which celebrity do you adore?! Join in over on Instagram.

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