Autumn Time Surprise Project • #capturingcolour Changing Season

I have spent the last week embracing the changing season here in the UK. I keep being lulled into a false sense of security, with golden hour sunshine that lasts all day, to thinking I don't have to pack away my sandals and summer dresses just yet.

But there's a distinct chill in the air come 7pm that reminds you that our landscapes are about to change. Pinks are turning to reds and amber, my roses are starting to crinkle and the flower beds are littered with petals like confetti. 

So in celebration of the new Autumn Time Surprise Project being live today for sign ups I wanted to get everyone excited about the colours of the changing season. Where ever you are. 

The #capturingcolour gallery was exquisite. Beautiful still life vignettes, crispy leaves and blankets of very colour of the rainbow.

I adored these images, pop over to Instagram and give them some love.

But the one that made my husband lean over my shoulder and say wow that's stunning was Jessica's explosion of colour! I love her use of ingenious backdrops and the way her posts feels like works of art. 

Head over to her account for a feast for the eyes and inspiration for your next styled floral photograph. 

I was thrilled that so many joined in the Summer Time Surprise Project and sign ups for the next one are now OPEN! The project involves sending a £5 limit parcel to a stranger, ready to open on the 15th November. You sign up with your likes and dislikes and can share your social media accounts if you have them. This way, when you get your partner details you can find them, say hello, make a new connection.

This time there's no need to register first (which I hope means we won't lose anyone between registration and sign up like last time) just fill in the form and submit!


Hundreds of kind and creative souls sent parcels to strangers last time and a small handful didn't follow through on their promise. I want everyone who signs up in good faith to love taking part so this time I'd like you to share a small pledge, somewhere on the internet, so we all feel part of a community who like doing good deeds.

Remember one good deed always leads to another so pass on the positivity. 

"I can't wait to send my partner their surprise project parcel. Hooray for being kind!" #autumntimesurpriseproject

Once you've signed up, pop over to the IDEAS and QUESTIONS page for more information and ideas to get you thinking. Sign ups will close at midnight GMT Friday 30th September 2015. This is a worldwide project, open to anyone who would like to join in.

I know that it might not be autumn where you are, so after the last project for this year in the Winter, I shall be starting a quarterly #surpriseproject. It's amazing watching people find like minded souls through the simple gesture of an old fashioned parcel.

I hope you will join me for the #autumntimesurpriseproject.

And to spread the word, this week's #capturingcolour theme is paper and parcels! There's something so wonderfully ironic about rejoicing in snail mail by sharing a photo on social media! 

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your photos and post your PAPER AND PARCELS images this week. I will share a round up next Monday :)