#AutumnTimeSurpriseProject day is finally here!

All day my phone has pinged with wonderful notifications of lovely messages and photos of your thoughtful parcels zipping around the world!

I am just in awe of all the creativity, some have been so resourceful on the £5 guide price, parcels have been bursting with craft supplies, vintage goodies and sweet treats, others have had a special present that was perfect for their partner. 

Your kindness is inspiring and uplifting.

Receiving happy mail is like receiving a bunch of flowers for me. It makes you feel giddy and you want to sit and admire the contents of your parcel! I hope there are a few of you displaying your notelets or cards on your fireplaces of window ledges, I loved a card sent to me in the first swap at the beginning of the year that still has pride of place on the mantlepiece.

It's a reminder of how important an act of goodwill is. 

If you joined in the #autumntimesurpriseproject the deadline for sending gifts was for them to be ready to open today, but I loved that people have shared their parcels over the last couple of weeks too. You didn't have to wait at all and I loved seeing the excitement building!

If you still need to send yours don't panic, just drop your partner an email and let them know you haven't forgotten. Everyone understands that life can take over sometimes and the to do list spills over into another day. Just keep them in the loop.

Look at all the parcels!

This is just a small hint of the pretty gift wrap, the colourful creations, sweet notes and absolute thoughtfulness in the #autumntimesurpriseproject gallery. Go and have a peek.

For anyone who missed this surprise swap and would like to join in next time I will be opening the #wintertimesurpriseproject over the Christmas holidays for parcels to be sent in February. Hopefully that will be something to look forward to after the festivities!

Next year, after the final seasonal swap I hope you will join in with the #surpriseproject which will run three times a year. That way, whether you are basking in Spring sunshine or your playing in the snow we can just exchange fun parcels that put a smile on our faces. 

I have so much love for the Surprise Project society of women, men, bloggers, Instagram fans, friends and to my family who also join in!

I will be updating the surpriseproject.com website over the next couple of weeks ready to open the winter project. But we won't be sending parcels until February, after the madness of the Christmas festivities and it will be something to look forward to in the new year.

I also wanted to say a thank you to The Fresh Flower Company. I won this beautiful bouquet as part of their #freshflowergiveaway on Instagram by sharing a seasonal floral image. I adore the colours, how autumnal can be just as bright and cheerful as the deep rich traditional colours of the season. I realised I hadn't assigned myself a partner in the swap so it was a very lovely surprise for me.

I am going to print a few of these photos as they match our dining room decor! 

Thank you so much for everyone who followed through and sent their parcels, and for those who are busy wrapping over the next few days.

You've made your partners really happy.

Happy Sunday all xx