Baby Sister Beauty - Bridal Glow

bsb 6

In keeping with my weekend as a bride, the Baby Sister Beauty tip this week is how to achieve that glow that seems to surround a 'blushing bride'. My sister discovered a product by MAC (although I am sure there are others on the market) called Strobe Cream. It comes in a hard but squeezy tube and has a mayonnaise type consistency!

Apply a 5p blob to each cheek and rub the excess left on your hands onto your forehead and chin, to avoid an all over shiny look.

It leaves a shimmery (but not sparkly) sheen on your skin onto which you apply your foundation. It acts as a pretty primer!

MAC also make a Strobe Liquid Lotion but it has a wetter, thiner consistency so is more lightweight if that is what you prefer.

Both give a radiance to your skin and smoothes imperfections. MAC describe the Strobe Cream as the ultimate quick fix, to boost tired and flat looking skin!

A 30ml tube is priced at £12.50. You can but it here. One tube will last almost forever!

Excuse my old lady hands but it was easier to show the sheen than trying to take a self portrait of my cheek!