Baby Sister Beauty - Santa's little helper


I have read a few articles about e.l.f (eyes lips and face) make up lately, a brand I had never heard off until we went to America in June. My sister only had one 'must buy' on her American shopping list. Well to be honest it was one long list, under the single title e.l.f.

We raced into Target and spent quite a considerable amount of time at the e.l.f cosmetic stand. The make up range is extremely affordable and fantastic quality. The packaging is similar to MAC and is well presented.

The good news is you don't have to fly to America to buy it!

You can purchase the make up range here.

They have an entire product range dedicated to holidays! You can also find tutorials and tips on their website.

We each bought about $15 worth but that bought us a basket full!

I can't live without the eyebrow kit which cost $1.

It is a creamy palette of two colours (you could blend them if your brows are in between although there are 4 colour options) which is incredibly long lasting and makes a huge difference to your overall look. If I was going to miss eye make up on a day when I am at home, I still would apply this eyebrow filler, in short strokes with the angled brush.

You may think this sounds silly but your eyebrows frame your face. It's my sister's favourite feature of hers. Take a photo without any make up on your brows and then one with, you will notice a definite difference. However, don't go over board. Subtlety, is the key. The Scouse brow is not a good look!