Back to Blighty


We landed in Heathrow this morning on time, but to the most miserable weather. The boys were brilliantly behaved on the flight. Big boy slept the whole way! We were very lucky to have good seats again, so when he dropped off after 15 minutes, I lay his seat completely flat and it wasn't until the Captain said "20 minutes to land" that I had to put it upright again!

Grandad was there to greet us (it always makes you feel special when there is someone waving madly at you as you come into arrivals doesn't it?) and we just about managed to fit the mountain of luggage in that we brought back with us! (I will share all our purchases in another post)

It was a marvellous trip to celebrate a memorable event. My little brother and his new wife are now sunning themselves in Antigua and having a blast! (We know thanks to the free wifi they have and email updates)

As soon as I get unpacked I will post some photos from the Wedding and also the Rehearsal meal that our side of the family hosted!

This is the first night in a week, that I will not have the big boy next to me and to be honest, I can't wait to get some quality sleep without wriggly cold feet! Just praying the jet lag doesn't kick in and we are all up at 4am!