Back to School Bento Babies

It was a big week in the Heath house last week. 

2 boys, 2 new uniforms and 2 pairs of sparkly new shoes. How have my boys got such large feet for such tiny boys?!

I wanted to make their first lunches special – for Sammy a big school Bento box (as he is used to having Bento style lunches at pre school – you see lots of his lunches here) and for Ollie a fishy adventure in a packed lunch!

Ollie is attending the same pre school that Sammy has just graduated from. They each have a label with their name on and a symbol to help them recognise it. Ollie is an octopus! So now he is known as "Jolly Ollie Octopus" – how lovely!

Back to School Bento.jpg

There were no tears from either of them, just beaming smiles and empty lunch boxes at pick up time.

It's great to see so many parents embracing the principle of Bento. I am a huge fan and have been bleating on about the great ways that with a little time, effort and creativity on your part, you can go a long way to expanding their taste buds, get their 5 portions of fruit and veg into them in potentially one sitting, and make lunch more fun.

Great Little Trading Company are big fans of the Bento principle too and wrote this very lovely post promoting healthy eating with hint and tips referencing this Bento Babies feature on my blog.

It's a great way to stop you getting bored of making the same old ham sandwiches every day!

Back to School Bento.jpg

Featured in the big boy school Bento Babies box: 

  • Flatbread with ham and chorizo slices
  • Babybel cheese
  • Fromage frais raspberry pouch
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Mini cocktail sausages
  • Cheese fish crackers
  • Dried orange fruit buttons
  • Cranberries and raisins
Back to School Bento.jpg

In a smaller boy's first day at pre school Fishy Adventure Bento Babies box: 

  • Flatbread with tuna (for the beach!)
  • Babybel cheese hiding under mini pop tarts
  • Mini cocktail sausages
  • Strawberries and orange fruit buttons
  • Lots of fish crackers in the sea! 
Back to School Bento.jpg

You can see I used almost identical ingredients but presented them slightly differently. 

Back to School Bento.jpg

I am thrilled to see so many Bento ideas being shared on Facebook and Twitter so please do link up your ideas – tweet them to me using #BentoBabies and I will pin them to the Pinterest board.

Great Little Trading Company are offering lovely Bento Babies fans 15% off any order over £50 with the code GOLDFISH in honour of the fishy adventure lunch idea!

Back to School Bento.jpg

This post was kindly sponsored by Great Little Trading Company,

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