Beautiful bow ties


I was reading one of my new favourite blogs The Train to Crazy and I realised we shared a love of boys in bow ties! I adore my boys in a bow tie or 5. I will think of any excuse to get them all dressed up! My big boy just isn't a cool dude. I don't want to sound mean but I could dress him in the coolest of outfits and he still looks more comfortable in a collared shirt, smart shoes and a bow tie! It is like he was born in the 50's, a traditional little Dandy!

He speaks in eloquent sentences that melt my heart. Last night, I sorted out the shoe basket and put on the stairs (to go up in the loft) a collection of his shoes that he has just this week grown out of! As he walked past them after his bath, he proclaimed " Oh no that's a shame, all my shoes are going upstairs!" He also said, when we were at our friends for lunch "this is a nice family" (he says it all the time at tender family moments). He asked the special lady (stewardess) on the plane for "a lovely glass of milk" and when I asked what he was going to pack in his suitcase, he listed his 4 favourite teddies and a present for Uncle Pat!

My Mum has a great shop near her that sells boys bow ties on elastic and I have them in 4 colours, for both boys!

For when I have some time, I found a fabulous tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home or I might try Prudent Baby or The Pleated Poppy!

For a no sew option, which might be more favourable, I found Cherishing Hopes and Dreams.

Although, I may purchase this pointed version pattern from my all time favourite Mommy Blogger Cheri at I am a Momma Hear Me Roar!