Beauty Products • Size Matters • How much product to use in petals #MummyMakeUp

My sister and I have found a new love. Scribbling in notebooks, tearing pages out of magazines and bookmarking websites we love that inspire a beauty idea for our #MummyMakeUp series.

It's so wonderful working on a post together, playing off ideas and one thought inspires another.

If only we lived around the corner!

We sat over lunch on Monday and dreamt up this post. We both have seen articles in the past about how we all use too much of our lotions and potions and we thought it would be useful and much prettier to blog the idea by petals!

Size matters when it comes to the beauty products we use everyday.

How much product should I use

If you know this already then just enjoy the pictures!

I definitely use too much shampoo and conditioner thinking an extra squirt will help my tangled dip dyed locks. It doesn't and that's inspired another idea, so look out for a DIY ombre hair serum post coming to you soon ;)

Here are 6 of the most common beauty products you might use on a daily basis and how much you should really be using!

Have a guess as you read this, how much of each did you think you should use?

How much product should I use

I bet that for at least one of these products you are over generous. I know I was!

How much eye cream to use
How much foundation to use
How much moisturiser to use.jpg
How much shampoo to use
How much conditioner to use
How much body lotion to use

Did you guess right?!

  • EYE CREAM - the same amount as a daisy bud - just the bud! 
  • FOUNDATION - the head of a bluebell
  • MOISTURISER - the bud of a magnolia
  • SHAMPOO - a hyacinth head
  • CONDITIONER - a tulip petal's worth
  • BODY LOTION - an anemone in bloom

Of course if you use an ultra light foundation but like a good coverage you may use a little more, but then ask yourself, perhaps you need to use less of a more heavy product.

It's easy to get into a routine with beauty. I've been wearing the same make up for 15 years!

But I haven't been wearing the same clothes for the same amount of time yet I pay far less attention to my beauty regime.

I'm 30... 32, almost 33, time for eye cream!

How much product to use
How much product to use

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