Bento Portion Sizes

I am a big fan of Bento style lunches.

And so are my boys.

Bento Lunch.jpg

If they go to school and pre school with packets and wrapped bars instead of sweet silicone cups, they always leave something. Whereas, when I take a little extra effort to lay their lunch out in an attractive way, full of variety and colour, all I find at pick up time is empty cups.

Bento Portion Sizes.jpg

There are lots of ideas on my Bento Babies page which you can find here, but today I thought it might be useful to take you through the portions my boys eat.

What's key to remember with small people is one portion for them is the size of their fist not ours. So a handful of grapes for example, is their handful not ours. 

It's really easy to put too much on their plates and in their lunches. Especially when packing a packed lunch full of snack bags because 3 doesn't look like a lot in the bottom of a large square lunch bag.

Here is what my boys eat on a daily basis for a packed lunch or snack tea.

Bento Portions.jpg

I talked this through with the school nurse during Sammy's Reception year health check and she was very encouraging of my portion sizes. 

I have got some great little Bento accessories for the lead up to Christmas to stick in their lunches. I might just have to make Christmas Tree shaped sandwiches!

How do you get your small people excited about their lunch? I'd love to see! Link up your lunches people (Or snack teas!) and let's get sharing ideas. 

You can link up a photo or a blog post, so get snapping and show off your super sarnies! 

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