Best Bedtime Books for Siblings • featuring Their Nibs

Today the boys are sharing their beloved books to read together at bedtime!

It can be tricky finding stories that are appropriate for both of them given their 2 year age gap, but all of these are firm favourites that we read endlessly!

I am also sharing the beautiful vintage inspired print pyjamas the boys were sent a little while ago from Their Nibs

Over the past couple of months they have become the boys' top choices and have been suitably road tested and ready to review!

Their Nibs Clothing

As a parent, mornings still in pjs are to be savoured and so actually their bedtime wear is often the clothes they are in the longest! The ones that get splattered with breakfast, pulled around in wrestling matches on our bed and the ankles get pulled over the tops of their toes whilst watching a film on a Saturday morning.

For me, they need to be tough to withstand all that!

The boys feel grown up because they have an elasticated waistband "with writing on like Dada" and they wash and tumble dry beautifully. No fading, stretching or shrinking and the knees haven't sagged either unlike some of their cheaper character print supermarket pyjamas. 

Their Nibs Clothing

They have elasticated ankles so even though Ollie's are a little too long still, they don't make him trip and the soft cotton has been lovely for Sammy's skin which has been delicate over the last few months with a rash.

I dress the boys traditionally (regular readers will know they have an extensive bow tie collection) and so these are a joy to see them in, rather than the scratchy fabric bargain versions with characters on they soon fall out of love with. The cowboy prints are young without being babyish and are perfect for us as they adore playing in their wigwam tent.

Their Nibs Clothing

So without further ado, here are the boy's top bedtime books!

Best Books for Siblings

Bedtime is a happy time, time for calm and stories are brilliant for that. My boys love funny stories and it's magical to see their own little senses of humour developing. We are even at the stage now, with Sammy being half way through his first Reception year at school, that he reads a number of the words independently.

Their Nibs Clothing

Mine are boisterous boys, so watching them lie together for a story at bedtime is wonderful.


Siblings who share a thirst for reading.

Bedtime stories

Do you have budding readers? Is reading a bedtime story part of your routine?

I'd love to hear what your favourites are to add to our little library!


The boy's were kindly sent the pyjamas from Their Nibs for the purposes of this article, have a peek for yourselves at their unique children's collection, you won't be disappointed.