Best dressed boys - My dreamy washing line


I spent a small fortune in Next on Saturday buying a couple of matching outfits for the boys for our holiday to America this week. We are travelling on my Mum's staff travel so we all have to look super smart! I found these adorable floral print shorts, checked collared shirts and purple soft jumpers! Definitely SFU (suitable for upgrade!)

I also hid in the bag (from my husband who says we need nothing at all) a sweet white polo shirt with candy clouded stripes and purple check shorts (2 of each of course)! I would have gone the whole hog and bought the cable striped purple hoodies too but they didn't have small boy's size!

So when I saw the competition on All Baby Advice I set about creating my ultimate wish list from the online collections!

For me, it's all about the layers!

For my big boy

Fluorescent skull trunks (because every little boy wants to be a pirate and I love to get my boys in pink - who says you can't buy pink if you have boys!) £9

Prince Charming t-shirt £6 I have 2 Princes making me Queen of my Castle!

Checked collared shirt (I'd save the chinos for another day) £17

Orange striped crew jumper (I love a bit of Breton) £11

Cobalt blue carrot fit chinos £10 my husband is a big fan of chinos so he can match his Dada!

Boat shoes £12 smart but really soft (we have the blue ones) and clean up well.

Visor sunglasses £6 because he wants so much to be a dude!

Yellow belt £7 since he's stopped wearing nappies in the day all his waistbands feel loose!

Trilby (Although it's age 7, he has a big head and that would fit like a dream!) £7

Unless it was raining (well it is summer in England after all) and then we'd swap the boat shoes for these bright Red wellies £11 and this stripey raincoat £14!

After a long day strutting his stuff in his funky outfit he would slip into a pair of these stars and stripe pyjamas £21!

For small boy

Lovely jubbly t-shirt £5 one of my favourite catch phrases, I use it way too much!

Blue Oxford Shirt and bow tie set £12 any excuse to get my boys in a bow tie! Please Next bring out a range of different coloured ones in your accessories line!

Nautical check shorts £7 small boy is a laid back Larry and could totally pull off a shorts and shirt combo!

Grey and blue stripe cardigan £14 (love the toggles)

Checked flat cap £6 (unlike big boy, he has a little head and so really suits these caps!)

Nautical flip flops £5 (he's not walking or even cruising yet but still they are too cool not to have dangling out of the bottom of the buggy! Plus he has big feet so a size 4 would fit!)

After a bath, milk, (Brother bibs essential £4.50) and a story he would get zipped into his Cloud sleeping bag £20 in one of these sleep suits £14!

I adore all in one rain suits so if we got caught in a downpour, I would just have to zip him into this Navy quilted all in one suit £26.

Wow, I have racked £244.50 and still would have just over half left on the prize gift card to treat big boy to some of these Map swimming shorts £10 and small boy to lots more! Sometimes you just can't get everything matching!

I had told my husband that we would save money having a second boy! But I just can't resist buying them matching outfits or dressing them in similar colours! I love the fact that all the Next clothes we own, can be tumble dried too!

Happy reading and here's hoping I will win the competition and can show you some photographs of the boys in the actual outfits!

p.s I had wanted big boy to post his own vlog as our entry but he kept picking up all the character products which would have disqualified us! Watch a short out take in the sock department!

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