Best Trampoline Under £100 for Kids #AsdaOutdoors

Rich and I always joke that you can spot a family house on Google maps by all the black circle shapes in the back gardens. House after house features a trampoline, 360 degree netting and discarded shoes that stay out all night getting soaked in the early morning dew. Please tell me we aren't the only ones who have had to use emergency school shoes because they've been left at the bottom of the ladder?!

They feature on birthdays and Christmas lists and every Summer since we bought our first one, our boys have whiled away sunny and rainy days bouncing around! We searched and searched for the perfect trampoline under £100, we wanted something they could share for a birthday present, one that would withstand being outside all year and with high quality netting that doesn't tear immediately!

I have never met a child who doesn't love a bounce on a trampoline and our boys were mortified when theirs blew over the hedge a couple of months ago! I dragged it back to the garden in a sorry state and it's sat destined for the rubbish dump ever since. So can you imagine their delight when Asda kindly offered to send them their £99 Sportspower 10ft trampoline from their Outdoor Toy range?!

They scrambled all over the box as soon as they got home from school and passed Rich each spring individually like a mini production line. After a couple of hours they were hauling me on it (Goodness me, 2 babies, 2 labours and a trampoline is not a good combination!) and rolling around laughing making me tumble about like a fool!

But trampoline's aren't just for bouncing! Sammy and I tried out some chalk painting and it worked a treat! The boys often get the jar full of sticks of chalk out and draw all over the patio but the black, smooth surface of the trampoline is a much more fun idea. One spell of rain or a soaking with the garden hose and it all washed away.

We tried out a few designs and with a wee bit of editing, hoorah, we have a set of photos to print out for the gallery wall in their bedroom! 

We have been so impressed with their £99 trampoline and couldn't recommend it more. Easy to assemble, good quality netting, water proof protector matting around the outside of the net and high quality dense foam around the assembly poles. It's even big enough for them to bounce on with a couple of friends. 

Ollie thought for a while that our local Asda had stolen ours, as they have a display model in the car park! Check with your local store to see if they keep them in stock or Asda Direct offers free standard delivery.

This 10ft version is ideal for our boys ages. It will see them through primary school if they look after it and we have moved it into a more sheltered position in the garden so we don't lose it to the hedge again! Even my sister, who has a 2 year old little girl thought it was a great option, because it will last, like a big school uniform on the first day of Reception! Although it's designed for a minimum of 6 years, I think with adequate supervision this is an ideal option for anyone with preschoolers too. It was a huge hit at Sammy's birthday party, with 4 at a time bouncing around. 

We are now trying to think what we can mock up next, Yazzy is coming to visit soon so we are thinking butterfly wings, a crown and magic wand and flying amongst the clouds above the rooftops!

Have a go at chalk painting your trampoline, I'd love to see what designs your kids come up with. The perfect Summer holiday activity!

Thank you to Asda for sending the boys the 10ft £99 trampoline and a sandpit, which we have kept as a surprise! I'll share some photos too, I have an idea to help get Ollie writing before he starts school in September. They have been incredible this week, whilst I have been working on an intense 5 day book shoot. They have stayed at Granny's, blasted home for a couple of nights then have headed to their Grandparent's in Poole for another 2 night sleepover after school holiday club this afternoon. So this weekend is all about fun in the garden. We just need some sunshine now!