big boys blab about a book

I wanted to get my big boy involved in my new hobby, mostly so he will stop tugging at my arm every time I try and get on the laptop for 2 minutes!

I asked him if he wanted to tell the other children in the world about his favourite books and he immediately ran to his puppet theatre! What a showman!

I will try and do a video next time, first night nerves kicked in today!

So this is what he chose to share, the ELC favourite the Old Mac Donald puppet book (I think he may have been influenced running into the theatre!).

It was a gift for his first christmas when he was 7 months, he loved reaching for the animals and by his first birthday it had helped him learn the animal sounds. Now rapidly approaching his third birthday he can sing the song in its entirety, wiggle the puppets individually in turn and is playing the perfect big brother role encouraging small boy to join in!

It has helped with developing all sorts of skills and I’m sure we will have many more years to enjoy playing with it!

Find it here,default,pd.html