Big Boy's new bedroom

Over the summer (crikey - it's nearly August, we need to get a wriggle on!)  we have made a list of jobs we want and need to get done at home. The kitchen desperately needs painting, (bottle of red wine smashed against the wall isn't the distressed look I am so fond of) the fencing at the back needs replacing (willow hurdles - look lovely but take a beating from the winds of Weston super Mare) and we want to change over our spare room and the big boy's not so big bedroom.

He has the traditional box room. He adores it. He has never questioned being in the smallest room as the biggest boy.

We have always called his cot his bed and even at the age of 3 and almost 3 months, he has no concept that he is still sleeping in a cot (with the sides up, well a cotbed).

His bed is his haven, his safe place and I have asked him on numerous occasions over the last 6 months "shall we take your sides down now like a big bed?" to which I get "Mama - this is my bed!"

It is tricky, because we bought a new cot bed when small boy was born so there was no rush to get big boy out of the cot to make way for baby.

I don't know any of his little friends who are still in a cot. But I really don't know 1. why we have waited and 2. what is the harm in waiting?

My husband says keep him in it, he can't get out in the night and try and crawl in with us!

Anyway, I am in desperate need of my own office as I am ramping up my hours from September and working from the kitchen is far too distracting. So the big swap over is on the way! I get a new office in the former shape of big boy's room and he gets a bigger boy's new bedroom, with a bed with no sides!

I love all the nautical bits and bobs I have collected for his room, over the past 3 years, so we will be moving them along the landing, but I can't resist having a look for a few new things, to add to his collection!

I bought a vintage trout landing net on eBay today!

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Who wouldn't really want a suspended boat bed?!

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