Black Forest Gâteau Cocktail • Caketail

It's been a while since my last Caketail concoction!

If you missed the Tiramisu or Lemon Cheesecake creations click the links.

Something sinful today, inspired by the classic Black Forest Gâteau.

Black Forest Cocktail


  • Splash Chambord
  • Splash Cherry liqueur
  • Splash White Chocolate liqueur
  • Dust of dark/milk chocolate powder
  • Glacé cherry to garnish
Black Forest Cocktail

These are not precise measurements because life is too short when making shorts!

Add your splashes of alcohol one at a time, finishing with the chocolate. It is a heavier consistency and will gentle infuse to the bottom, mixing nicely with the other ingredients.

Ice shot glasses
Black Forest Cocktail
glace cherries
Black Forest Cocktail
Dried hydrangea
ice shot glasses

I picked up the ice cube shot tray in a bargain shop called Store 21 in their gift section for £1!

Black Forest Gateau

I am feeling really fortunate this week. 

I realised when I've introduced myself to strangers lately and they've asked me what I do for a living, I start with, "Well I'm actually a blogger and photographer, oh and I have a part time job in the development industry."

It was a wildest dream, this time last year approaching my first blog anniversary, that I would ever be in a position that my blog would be part of my job.

I feel so grateful and so lucky. Thank you for reading, for listening to the podcasts, for watching the silly videos and to everyone who has nominated me for a MAD Blog Award this year.

Fortune favours the brave and the bold and the bloggers who are passionate. 

Fortune Sticks

I will be nominating my favourite blogs with pride and hope they all are recognised as Finalists this year. 

I wish I had 3 nominations per category. I need them! Here are just some of my favourites, go and check out their awesome creative writing, heartfelt emotion, inspirational photography, nifty crafts, ability to make positive waves through the blogging community and genuine family happiness. This is not a complete list, just some I'd like to share today.

Oyster and Pearl, Circle of Pine Trees, Mummy Daddy Me, Supergolden Bakes, Tea Cake and my Boy, Mammasaurus and Love Audrey.

Good luck everyone :) 

You can nominate your favourites here.

If you love a blog let them know!

Fortune Sticks

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