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I am finally getting the hang of making my photos more blog savvy. A primary photo for a tutorial or ideas post that can be easily seen, eye catching and pin worthy to Pinterest. If you are not on Pinterest I beg you to read this. You will adore it and won't know what you did without it!

I have collected a group of fonts that match the style of my blog and pretty up my pictures!

Best of all they are all free!

When it comes to fonts my husband and I are definitely snobs! With so many engaging fonts available why use something boring when you can use something beautiful! (I love all the anti Comic Sans web designers out there. Google it - hilarious)

Favourite Fonts

Favourite Fonts

The top ten blog fonts typeface is Rochester which I've used for my logo. Do you use labels on your photos? What are your favourite blog fonts?

You can download my favourites here:

Rochester, Sail, Rockwell, Pacifico, Weston, Dusty Matchbox, Lobster Two, Champagne and Limousines, Murray Hill, Bready, Contribute. If you like the title image font it's Ostrich Sans.


ut without doubt the most breathtaking typographical artwork is by Jessica Hische. You will adore it! Daily drop caps to use for your blog! My favourite is this M, this more simple P and this blurred P! They are free to use for personal use. Simply copy and paste the html code into your post. There are twelve alphabets to choose from and one special guest alphabet! What a woman!