Blog Inspiration • Sunday Prop Shop 2014

Last year I wrote this post and created 12 little pretty envelopes to keep my creative spirit alive and consistent throughout the year. In each envelope was scrap paper notes of ideas for each month. Keeping seasonal ideas in the relevant months. 

blog inspiration

It can be hard to stay inspired because I think writing a blog is tricky.

It's tricky because there will be times when you are bursting with ideas, times when you have no time to action any of those ideas and times when you feel a little out of love with it all. For me, everyday life can sometimes be so consuming, my blog has to be pushed down the priority list. 

I have found the last month frustrating. Frustrating because I feel my creativity has been squashed under a pile of removal boxes. 

Last night I went around the house with a tray and collected bits of red that I could see (That have seen the light of day since the big move!). Props for future blog post ideas I haven't thought of yet and today there was an hour when I fiddled about with chocolatey spoons and photographed all the bits I had collected. I photographed them in the conservatory lean to, squeezed into a little space by the back door, next to the recycling box - very glamorous!

I find colour so inspirational.

Red Inspiration

And taking just one colour at a time gives me 20 blog post ideas in one. Each of the items you see gave me an idea or 2. Craft ideas for Valentine's Day, something to bake, a Bento lunch to make and history to share. A learning game idea, a first birthday to plan and a new hobby to challenge me and document on this blog.

I found one of my Granny's cook books with handwritten recipes so faint on the red lined paper, you have to retrace them to read them.

But blog content galore!

Red Inspiration

Props are all around you. They create a picture and tell a story, and provoke creativity.

When I make something to post, especially a food related article, I will have in my mind before I start even buying ingredients, how the final image will look that you see. For me it's part of the pleasure. Sometimes I sketch it out, often I store things for a rainy day idea and I find it helpful to mock it up on my iPhone to see how it looks.

Like making mini stories with each post.

So watch out for all the bits and bobs you see here popping up in a post soon.

For 2014 I am going to change how I blog #SundayPropShop. Instead of a fortnightly link up, I am going to blog all the lovely images I see tweeted, on Facebook, on Pinterest and posted on blogs, by you! People I follow, people I read, people who inspire me.

There were some incredible posts linked up last year and I can see so many blogs taking more time and effort with the presentation and styling of their photographs, which I would love to help show off!

I will always link back to your sites so other readers can find your creative content too.

So make sure you tweet me or send me a link to your posts and photos using #SundayPropShop so I can feature you!

How are you keeping inspired this year?

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