blog it for babies

I have just heard some awful news that a lovely girl I went to school with has just lost her one day old little girl. Even though I haven't seen her since school, I feel heartbroken for her. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that tiny angel's parents are feeling right now. We are so fortunate in this country to have some of the world's best medical equipment to help the tiny ones who come into this world, needing more than just a helping hand. Even then, sometimes all the care and equipment in the world can't save those precious babies who are only with us for a very short time.

But there are babies all over the world who do not even have the chance to fight for survival, due to lack of medical facilities in the delivery room.

I support the Blog it for Babies campaign.

From Sunday 29th April to Friday 4th May, Bloggers and Vloggers from across the UK are coming together to raise awareness and funds for Save The Children’s Build it for Babies campaign.

13 cities and towns will play host to loads of mini-events and fun fundraising ideas.

Blog it for Babies hope to raise money for selected equipment for a delivery room in a healthcare clinic in Bangladesh. It would be a fantastic achievement for a campaign started by parents who are lucky enough to be able to take their babies and children to their GP’s when they are ill to be able to save the lives of little ones in Bangladesh who sadly do not have the same chance.

It takes less than a minute to text donate £1 so do it now! Just click the link here.

Sometimes it is easy, when your desperately worried about your baby to get frustrated with your GP's appointment booking system or out of hours service but imagine if we didn't have any of these options how scared would we be then for our poorly little ones.


Mummies and Daddies are the best multi tasters in the world so whilst you are cooking tea or getting the bath ready text £1. If we are all able to get trending topics on twitter imagine how much money we could raise if everyone gave just a £1.