Bloggers Guide to Christmas

There are times when you just know you are a blogger. Times when my husband rolls his eyes, more times in a day than I care to remember and times when there are just too many photo opportunities.

That time is now!

Happy December, happy festive season. Bring it on.

So how do you know you are a blogger at Christmas? Have a read...

  1. You've taken a selfie (In fact you actually took 10 and chose the best to filter on your favourite app) in a novelty Christmas jumper/Christmas print pjs. 
  2. You want to wrap your gifts in an extravagant-but-I-haven't-really-tried kind of way. Think brown paper, ink stamps, a few sprigs of holly or a random piece of fir tree.
  3. You've suddenly got masses of Christmas craft ideas to blog. Think of the Pinterest traffic. 
  4. You suddenly have masses of brussels sprout recipe ideas. Food blogging here you come!
  5. You want to decorate your house with tissue paper pom poms.
  6. You've made your children sit in front of a DIY photo backdrop of Christmas lights for much longer than they wanted to, but just think of that perfect bokeh shot!
  7. You "sign off" for a Christmas break, to spend lots of quality time with your family but secretly take your phone to the toilet to catch up on what you've missed!
  8. You send your partner and loved ones your Pinterest wish list board for present suggestions.
  9. There are festive "vignettes" all over your house and your partner now knows what the word vignette means. 
  10. The first thing you do on Christmas morning is reach for your phone and tweet/Instagram/Facebook a Happy Christmas Day message. You may not have time once the festivities start!
  11. You've rewrapped "review" toys for your children's Christmas presents. They probably won't remember, after all, they barely played with it, you just bribed them for a photo with said toy for the review post!
  12. You eat a cold Christmas dinner because you took your Christmas dinner into the garden to get a perfect naturally light shot of your magnificent feast. You can't not share a photo, even though we are all eating exactly the same thing. 
  13. You make everyone wait to eat so you can take an overhead shot of the Christmas table.
  14. You can't wait to see what your favourite blogger was given for Christmas.
  15. The most thoughtful gift could be a photo book of your Instagram gallery.
  16. You are praying for snow for that all important #fromwhereIstand, foot photo. I mean come one, in the snow - that's just magical!
  17. You schedule a post for Christmas Day. A blogger never really has a day off ;)

It can't just be me surely?!!!