Bon Voyage

You know that feeling where you can’t quite believe you are going away until you actually arrive at the airport? Well that’s how I’ve felt all week. I’ve written about our plans and now I am sat on the plane and it’s actually real. I spoke to Sammy from the airport and apart from “Love you Mama” he said repeatedly “Please could I have a red Power Rangers suit from America - red because that’s the one in charge and I like being in charge” don’t know where he gets that from!

It’s all so exciting, I even gushed to the stewardess and said yes to tea with milk and sugar, because I was giddy about ordering breakfast. Sugar in tea bleurgh!

We know we are incredibly fortunate to be able to use Mum’s staff travel. We giggled all the way to our seats when they greeted us at the door and said “Sir, Madam turn left please”.

Isn’t it just so civilised to have a glass of champagne before take off? Even at 8.10am?! We totally made the most of the on board Club comfort and if we had the money it is absolutely the way to travel!

You get to sleep lying down! Flat!

Breakfast, buck fizz and blankets - marvellous.

I went for smoked salmon, croissants and waffles with caramel and cinnamon butter and my husband had fresh fruit, muesli with apricots and a full fry up including a lamb croquette and a fillet of beef! No sausage in sight!

You can raid the Club Kitchen whenever you like and I had a wander.

After a much needed snooze I am now sat typing up a few posts ... feet up with a glass of Tattinger with a shot of Bourbon. This is the life. Oh and the very friendly Cabin Manager is off to get some warm caramalised nuts from First. Pinch me now!

Next stop NYC.

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