Book Advent Ladder

adventladder 14

I have been scouring all our local charity shops and over the last few weeks have amassed a great collection of excellent condition story, picture and puzzle books. 24 to be precise.

Advent Ladder collage 1

I have wrapped them like old fashioned parcels, in wrapping paper I had under the bed, and hung them from our bathroom towel ladder!

adventladder 2

I used some old scrap book paper and dolly pegs I got for 50p at a car boot sale to peg the days of December.

Advent Ladder collage 2

All the books ranged from 10p to 50p. I even got a few 4 for £1. A bargain Advent calendar, chocolate free and gifts that will last longer than the month of December.

Don't worry I am not completely mean! Grandma and Grandad have sent Thomas the Tank and Peppa Pig chocolate calendars in the post! Happy December! Let the Festive Season commence!

Advent Ladder collage 4
Advent Ladder collage 3