Bring happiness into your home with bluebellgray


I grew up in a happy home. I remember noisy Christmas' with my cousins, Summer holidays at my grandparents flat in Southbourne and endless games of forty forty in our garden. My brother and sister and I made tents, put on shows and trailed our duvets down the stairs on Sunday mornings to watch a variety of films like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Slipper and the Rose and The Goonies.

And we may not have noticed but the house was made a home. With furniture and paintings and a wall of certificates of our childhood achievements. I remember the pine kitchen table and chairs, with a big Papa bear chair at one end and the red wood pieces in the lounge, which made it feel more special than the family play room. 

And that's what I want to create for my boys. A house bursting with things, really quite simple things like cushions and pictures, that make you feel happy. 

We love colour. A neutral backdrop and a sea of vibrant accessories to catch your eye. 

I've been searching the internet, writing down little interiors shops I stumble across, for places that understand and share my love of all things happy.

And then I found bluebellgray, and they found me.

Beautiful floral patterns, dynamic watercolour prints, I fell in love. I bought one of their peony print cushions and saved it for he moment when we had a dust free living room and dog dirt free sofas. And it felt like a very special moment, placing that treasured cushion on the plump new sofa seat!

So can you imagine how giddy I am to bring you these wonderful pieces from bluebellgray?!


Fi Douglas and her team have developed a product line that makes me squeal with delight. Textures, prints, textiles I want to fill our home with, managing to combine delicate with reliability. 

Richard shares my love of individual, mis matched painted crockery, but often despairs that none of them can go in the dishwasher! So he was thrilled when we had a holiday brunch that everything can be washed by mechanical hands. 


Sammy talks about my "precious things" he even commented that a friend started jumping on my  special cushion! And both of my boys notice what I do. They say, un-promted, that the table looks lovely, that the food is yummy, and it absolutely makes a difference how you serve things! Pretty plates make dishes seem a little tastier. They make ordinary food (And pre made dough ssh don't tell!) seem a little more extraordinary.


It's a skill to create a line that can go straight from a breakfast table to a celebration dinner. Rims that don't feel as though they are going to chip if you stack them in a cupboard, but evoke a garden party, Summer atmosphere.

The milk jug has been filled with milk, cream and tulips over Christmas and the bowls have been overflowing with popcorn, salad and oranges!


Versatile, yet feminine. And it has this ability to make you want to complete a set.

So I have a special treat for you today! Fi and the team at bluebellgray would like to offer a lucky reader one of their stunning watercolour tea trays. I have the same one on our living room table filled with candles and flowers and it's fast becoming my favourite photo prop!

All you have to do to win it is leave a comment on the blog or on this Instagram photo!

Now go and have a peek at their beautiful bedding collections, prints and rugs. Oh the rugs. Be still my floral, colour loving heart. 

I feel so proud to feature one of Great Britain's most talented designers. Scotland is very lucky to have bluebellgray. And so are we :)

The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 4th January and a winner will be drawn at random and notified on Monday 5th January. Good luck!


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