Burlap Bunny Easter Cards

Ok so we say hessian they say burlap, potayto potahto. Burlap Bunnies just had a nicer ring to it!


Roughly cut a piece just smaller than your card. The rougher the better, no worries of straight edges with this material as it frays beautifully.

I used patterned sticky tape to secure the corners, which was quick and pretty.

Take a cookie cutter (unless you are a super artist) and dip it in a plate of white paint. Mark your bunny shape and fill in with white paint. I used a sponge type brush which was quicker on the hessian material. Plus Sammy enjoyed stamping the paint in.

Burlap Bunnies.jpg

Wait for your paint to dry and then glue a white pom pom tail to your bunny! An easy activity your little ones can join in on.

Do you send Easter cards? Have you made your own? I'd love to see them!


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