By the light of the silvery apple

I fear we are going to be up til all ours finishing all the preparation for big boy's party on Sunday. I have just labelled 29 water bottles (as squash gives him night terrors) with "wonder water" labels to go with our Wonder Pets theme.

Ironically, he has 4 other pals with birthdays this week, so I am wrapping 4 little boys presents at the same time!

We haven't even started on getting big boy's presents down from the loft yet and it's already half nine!

Today's Fat Mum Slim's photo a day May challenge was technology.

We are an Apple house. Once you go Mac, you never EVER go back!

I actually handed in my work Dell laptop today, as I can work remotely from my MacBook Pro and I cannot bear to use the Dell!

Even typing on it feels horrid in comparison!

We both have MacBook Pros, we have an iPad, 2 iPods, 2 Time Capsules, a Mac mini media server and 3 Apple TVs. Oh and an AirPort Express. Husband has an iPhone and I need to run out my contract.

It may seem excessive but the technology is incredible!

I have got him working hard tonight on labels and party bag/tuck shop stickers.

So by the light of the silvery apple we continue the party marathon!