Calling cards

I am responsible for almost all the new business for the estate management company I work for. We are a very small team and I fit my work into every spare minute I have. It's a big responsibility but one I adore and thrive upon.

Cold calling has always been part of my role where ever I have worked. I spent the early part of my career (I say career because I am quite proud of what I have achieved) as a Land Buyer for a couple of the National Housebuilders. Imagine trying to persuade a farmer to sell his field to a big bad Developer. Imagine sititng in that farmer's kitchen for 8 meetings a month apart, with your wellies on and his 15 year old cat on your lap. Then going to a swanky lunch and a drinks party in the evening.

That was my job. Now I work for the estates management division of a big regional Affordable Housing company selling our cheap as chips grounds maintenance and management package to Developers to save them millions.

You'd think it wouldn't be a hard sell, but little things like Council agendas and politics get in the way.

I am going to send my top 10 developers a Christmas present. A calling card, a memorable little gesture, in the hope they will want to pick up my call in the new year.

Here are my favourites! (Bear in mind the best thing we do is cut the grass on big developments)

A grass pen holder! Perfect for holding my business card and a few of our corporate promotional pens! (My brother is bringing a stash of these back from the US as they are a quarter of the price!)

Grass Markers! Blade of grass bookmarks that double as post it notes! Genius!

Magic beans with messages! If only we could personalise them!

Ceramic grass vases. Beautiful and totally unique. At £35 a bit pricey this Christmas maybe!

Grass charging station! I love this!

I am also trying to come up with a strap line. What do you reckon "The grass is greener with us?!" Got any other bright ideas?

Here is my Pinterest board if you like any of the ideas I have started sowing!


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