Capturing Creatives • Meet Sim Wishlade

One of the amazing things about writing this blog is being able to share the places and people I am lucky to know and discover. These people inspire me to challenge myself creatively and this series, Capturing Creatives, is all about sharing the work of people I admire and shouting about talented individuals you should all know about!

First up is Simeon Wishlade. Sim is an accomplished designer based in London.

Sim Wishlade

I am absolutely in love with Sim's geometric illustrations and the character he is able to create in the digital animals. Sim's illustrations have the ability to combine a contemporary design process with an emotional connection and I find the Baby Emperor Penguin completely adorable!

Sim Wishlade

1. Hello Sim, great to have your creative work on the blog today. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi Lucy, thanks for inviting me to talk about my work. About me, well, since the age of fourteen I wanted to be a designer and somehow I’ve stumbled my way to being one. I’ve been doing this for over twelve years now illustrating LP & CD sleeves, designing book layouts and websites amongst other things. When not in my full-time job or doing bits of freelancing I’m nearly always found outside playing sport. I spend a lot of my time cycling laps around Richmond Park and carry my EOS 5D in my bag just in case I see the deer out and about being deer like.

Sim Wishlade

2. When did you start making your prints and why?

An ambition of mine would be to have a photo in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition but I have little time to photograph wildlife anymore, plus I don’t have the patience! So I ended up drawing some for fun and putting them on my walls, asking nephews and nieces what their favourite animals were and drawing them and giving them as presents and it’s taken off from there.

Sim Wishlade

3. How do you choose which animals to feature in your work?

I normally ask people what their favourite animals (mine being a penguin!) and drawing them. Some are more successful than others though, I think it comes down to the personality of the animal. Some just work and look great, others take time to become a finish object and others (as hard as it is) you just have to let go because they don’t work at all.

Sim Wishlade

4. What do you love about digital design?

Its instantness, the ability to adapt and change with ease, to constantly update and refine your work. The flip side of this is that nothing is ever finished – at least in print design you have a tangible object in your hands at the end and once it’s being printed there’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe that’s why I enjoy illustrating so much, to a degree it has a time stamp on it, a place in time, and until I chuck it in the bin it’s a product I’ve spent time on. Websites come and go, and all I have for them is a Photoshop file!

Sim Wishlade

5. Which 3 designers work do you admire?

Tom Gauld: his work is beautifully detailed, and the sense of humour within his work always makes me smile.

Jessica Hische: her typographic work is amazing.

Peter Saville: His graphic design work is always a source of inspiration.

Sim Wishlade

You can buy giclee prints of Sim's work or print your own at home with his digital prints available for just £10. 

I just have to have the Baby Emperor Penguin for the boy's staircase!

You can see Sim's portfolio and blog here and follow him on Twitter.

Thank you so much Sim, what a pleasure to highlight your wonderful work.