#CapturingColour • A brand new year • Shapes


Hello colour loving happy snappers!

#capturingcolour is starting a brand new year today and let's all beat the January blues with painting the internet with beautiful blues!

It is amazing that the #capturingcolour community on Instagram has grown in just 6 months with over 5,700 posts linked up!

We LOVE seeing everyone's creative eye, the way we all interpret colour differently and it's so wonderful to see such vibrant colours brightening up our Instagram feeds.

Just look at some of the incredible inspiration from these colourful creatives.


I'll be sharing my 9 favourites, as usual, on Instagram and will be giving a special mention on the blog to my absolute favourite joining in each week. I loved filling my blog with all the week's colourful adventures and wanted to get back to it in 2015.

This week was a week of circles, squares, triangles and any other shape that caught our eyes.


I seemed to be drawn to circles but I loved all these colourful captures. 

Capturing Colour Shapes

And I adored this image from The Indigo Crew. Go and check out their inspiring gallery here.

#capturingcolour is a weekly tag on Instagram, with a new theme announced on a Monday, hosted by KirstyClare and me. You can follow the Capturing Colour account here. Come and join in!

This week the theme is BLUE :)