#capturingcolour • colours of my week

Goodness me! I've had a real blog break being away in Paris. I promised the boys it was a laptop free holiday and I kept my promise.

I have lots of photos and some video to share of our time in Paris as well as a back log of posts in draft from the Makelight Food Photography course in London and lots of other things we have been up to!

It's going to be a busy week before we head off to Greece on Saturday. Packing is currently way down on the to do list, getting one boy well (Sammy has had a horrid sick bug since Wednesday night - he's been amazing and the magic of Disney perked him up no end!) is top of our priorities and I am losing hours on Google to images of the Mark Warner Lakitira Resort... oh my... we are in for a treat! My Instagram feed will be turning white and blue next week!

Paris was a whirlwind of fun, excitement, drama and stories that will be retold forever! Memories the boys will never forget and precious photos that will hang on our walls for the next decade or two. A city break is exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure and my tired eyes are now counting down the days until we hit that sandy beach on our first real family holiday

I have never been to Greece. I have never been on holiday just with Rich and the boys, ever. It sounds mad doesn't it, that in 6 years we've never had that first family holiday but this will be it. We've travelled with family and friends but this will be a chance to really enjoy each other's company, to see the boys make special first memories and for us to have some of that elusive quality family time I read about on other people's blogs. 

I want to soak up that butterfly feeling in your tummy when you head down the gangway to the aeroplane trying to contain two excitable children, the ache in your cheeks because you've smiled so long and hard watching them achieve a milestone (they are determined they are going to sail a boat by the end of the holiday) and the wide eyed, cheesy grin photos that show you captured a moment.

I think next week will be as colourful as last week. 

And the capturing colour gallery exploded with colour, fun and beautiful styling. Every week the stunning captures blow me away. I love seeing how everyone views colour differently. How some people's week was dominated by pinks, others far more muted.

And when I saw this image i knew it had to be my favourite of the week.

I couldn't imagine a world without vivid colour. As hard as I try to embrace a calmer palette it just doesn't suit me. My sister and I joke that her wardrobe is full of grey, navy and black and mine is bursting with every colour of the rainbow! In fact, I actually feel more confident in a bright print, almost the opposite to everyone else! 

Go find and follow Alex for more inspiration. 


This week is all about PAIRS! 2 is most definitely a magic number. So come and join in on Instagram and share your matching pairs, your two of a kind, your two peas in a pod.

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your photos and post your PAIRS images this week. Show us what colours are inspiring you this week. I will share a round up next Monday :)