#capturingcolour • Fill the Frame - Instagram milestones

Every week for nearly a year, I've been encouraging the community on Instagram to take part in the weekly hashtag #capturingcolour. It started with a group of bloggers last Summer and I loved being part of the colour loving team. Slowly it's evolved and grown, and now it feels very special for it me to host it on my own. I am amazed that the gallery has over 12,000 posts linked up and every week I am blown away by the creative talent. We all see things differently, we all capture them slightly differently. And that's what makes the gallery unique. 

I loved these beautiful images from the gallery. It's so hard to choose 9 favourites each week to share on my feed. It's even harder to choose just one to link to on my blog. There are so many that join in every week, who help spread the love, and I love highlighting lots of wonderful accounts, including the super supportive ones, in the hope that others will find and follow them and be inspired. 

My fill the frame week was dominated by florals (No surprise there right?!) but ever since I changed my phone to an iPhone 6 I have been stunned by the quality go the images you can capture. I never thought I'd say it, but my Canon is gathering a little dust on weekends! We went away this weekend and it's sat in my bag the whole time, bar one quick group selfie!

After almost a year of weekly themes I suddenly had a panic this week as to what I should announce this morning. And then scrolling through the gallery I saw this image from Lilian and I felt inspired. 

Go and check out her jaw droppingly beautiful gallery. I had the pleasure of meeting Lilian last week in London and I sat on the train home wishing we lived closer! So this week's them is WORDS. Share your letters, your note lets, your postcards, street signs, handwriting, any type of typography goes! 

It's been a big week blog wise. It may sound silly to some, but my heart leaped out of my chest twice this week. On Tuesday the annual BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards were announced. I've been so incredibly lucky to be shortlisted this year, I saw my Twitter notifications and then clicked straight through to the shortlist

I am over the moon to be shortlisted in the Photo and Outstanding categories!!!!! It is the most wonderful feeling to be recognised by your peers, the people you admire and I want to shout it from the rooftops! Thank you so so much to anyone who took the time to nominate me. Blogging awards aren't a load of old rubbish (not to me anyway), they mean the world. And every single person who was nominated should be celebrating. Blogging is hard work. It may look glamorous, it may look like you are given endless freebies, get given holidays and clothes and things for your house, but it's not for nothing. It's because we all work incredibly hard on something that blurs the line between home and work. I realised quite a while ago that everything was documented. Every weekend away became a blog post, every family outing or holiday became a photo round up. You almost feel if you buy something you should post a disclaimer saying I wasn't sent it for a blog review! But no one sees my husband tearing his hair out at yet another "natural" mini photo shoot at home, no one sees the house littered with little set ups, products, a to do list as long as your arm which has actions until 1am. I introduce myself to people as a blogger and 9 times out of ten they don't have a scooby doo what I am on about, and I almost end up justifying this "it doesn't sound like work to me" fantasy role I have poured my heart into over the last 3 years. Rich often threatens to write a guest post "What life is really like to live with a blogger" and maybe I should let him. This has never been a warts and all blog but perhaps a smack of reality would be a good thing. I've tried to not take 300 photos on a trip to the park, for the boys to enjoy having their photo taken again. To catch more real moments rather than staged ones. And Instagram has helped me do that. 

I hit an Instagram milestone this week. My friend Zoe who I met at a blogging event 2 years ago, text me on Sunday night saying I had almost hit 10,000 followers!!! I had been watching my following grow over the last week or so and something changed, people were leaving more lovely comments and then on Sunday night those little numbers pinged to 10k.

I can't really explain what Instagram means to me. 

It's become my mini blog, a way to share my real life, feel completely connected to lovely people who follow our story. It encapsulates my motto of making the ordinary extraordinary. Our weeks are dictated by school runs, homework, a house that is beyond our DIY skills, and a working life that requires Cirque du Soleil juggling skills, but I try to see the extraordinary in those ordinary moments. I sometimes have to stop myself from sharing too may photos each day because I feel like I can share anything and everything! It's a place where it's positively encouraged to play with flowers, to rearrange your mantelpiece, to capture a tiny detail. I feel like I can be completely myself in those tiny squares. I can escape from a rainy day, from demanding children, from barking dogs, from a 2 week full washing basket and take 2 minutes to create something. 

Creativity is in all of us. You just have to find what inspires you. I am a hopeless musician, musical notes look like gobbledegook to me and I my brain just doesn't want to compute the instructions for the sewing machine, But I have a vision for a photo and I work backwards. I know the image before I've taken it. Does that make any sense at all?!!! And to know that other people enjoy those little squares makes me smile til my face aches.

Thank you.

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your WORDS photos this week. Favourites will be featured next Monday :)

If you feel like I deserve a place in the final of the BIBs awards this year you can vote for me in the Photo and Outstanding categories here. The categories are bursting with bloggers I adore so I am very honoured to be shortlisted amongst them. 

ps. I think there needs to be an Outstanding Partner category too ;)