#capturingcolour • Home

It seemed so right, in a week of working away from home, to encourage the #capturingcolour community over on Instagram to share what home means to them.

As much as it's exciting to stay away, it's such a contented feeling to be back home. It may be a little rough around the edges at the moment, floorboards that need painting, bathroom ceilings that are peeling away, but there are little corners that reflect us. Little details, that to me are just perfect.

On Saturday we went to our village coffee morning at the village hall. It was lovely everyone wanting to know how our renovations are progressing, neighbours who noticed how much nicer the new gravel makes the house feel and finding a shared love of Farrow and Ball colours! 

I realised in the photos that I shared, that they totally summed up my mood. Slightly more muted than my usual frames of bright colours, a touch calmer, softer. We've had a little rethink on the colour palette for the lounge, ordered a few new accessories, a giant jute rug and I've fallen in love with this bunting which has set me on a path to bring some green into the room. 

And my eyes were immediately drawn to all these images, tagged to the gallery. It feels so intimate to see glimpses into where people call home. A peek into the spaces that they adore.

And this image by Hope and Rainbows (who make super cute art for little ones) was just the most apt photo to take us from the week of home to a brand new week of Easter! I love the blossom, the hint of the gallery wall above the sofa and the sweet hanging bunnies.

Hope and Rainbows

Share your EASTER photos with me this week. Are you making Easter trees, is your house bursting with chocolate already? What does Easter mean to you? 

Happy holidays everyone. We are off to Southbourne with friends for an egg hunt on the beach at our beach hut!

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your EASTER photos this week. Favourites will be featured next Monday :)