#Capturingcolour • Mood boards

I have never really understood the science behind the concept of mood boarding until earlier this year when I listened to Gudy Herder speak at the Colour for Creatives course in London. The emotion, focus and clarity a mood board can give you is quite astounding.

I'd hadn't given much thought to balance, layering or placement before, assuming that my random collection of things that captured my attention at that moment gave me what I was looking for. But mood boarding effectively is a real skill. And over the last few months I have really tried to think about what it can convey, how you want mood boards to make you reach out and feel the different elements, how you need to translate a message.

Mood boards flood my Instagram feed with designers I follow preparing them for new client projects and as a way to inspire. I have definitely got a long way to go with my own skills but I love the learning.

At first, back in March I found it quite difficult. I piled everything on my board and forgot that what I want from this blog is powerful imagery that doesn't get lost. Less conflicting elements fighting for your attention! Ever since the course, I have been trying to prepare a brief for a new look branding and logo design for this blog. And it's been difficult! Much harder than I ever imagined. Trying to visual with colours and textures and materials what is me and what is the blog and whether they are right to be the same thing or not.

I finally sent off my waffly ideas and rambly thoughts to a very talented designer who I am thrilled to say will be joining me for the Friday Define your Design sessions at BritMums Live 2015.

How lucky are we?!!! Teri from The Lovely Drawer is an incredibly creative, gifted illustrator and designer and we can't wait to share our thoughts on taking your blog design and branding to the next level. There will be two sessions a beginners and intermediate workshop so hopefully something for everyone!

And of course there will be lots of lovely props for you to play with to create your own mood board! Feel free to bring any little bits you think represent you if you are planning on coming to the session, any fabric you love, your favourite postcard, scrap paper or blog business card.

I loved playing around with the different things around my office for my #capturingcolour week of mood boards. I change the bits and pieces on our sideboard in the lounge each week, moving photos from one ledge to another, swapping vases and each week I look back and think how much that totally captivated my feelings. So this week was a muddle!

And wow just look at these beauties from the #capturingcolour gallery.

But this image from Gathering Spriggs just had to be my absolute favourite this week. I so admire those who home school their children, their energy and imaginative ideas. Check our Heather's feed it is like a shot of creative dynamism!

This week is a brand new theme of BRIGHTS! I have decided at last on a new layout for my blog and have taken a series of photos which I hope capture in one image everything I feel. Colour, fun and inspiration! 

I can't wait to see the branding images Teri comes up with and I'll be sharing them at the BritMums Live sessions!

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your BRIGHTS photos this week. Favourites will be featured next Monday :)