#capturingcolour • Pairs

Hello! I've spent the last week being surrounded by the beautiful whites and blue hues of Kos in Greece at the Lakitira Resort and taken a little rest from blogging to spend some lovely time with my boys. When I am away and have a little time away from the blog to recharge and refresh I love to share our adventures over on Instagram. It feels so easy to capture a moment and post it on holiday, no need for a laptop and reliable wifi! My Instagram feed has evolved into a mini blog, a snapshot of my day and I am so thankful for all the people who follow, like and comment. 

Last week I took over the Mark Warner Holidays IG account so if you missed our trip have a catch up on my photos and videos here.

I adored all the photos joining in with #capturingcolour, pretty pairs of flowers, groups of twos and the way everyone found some different to share. It was a frantic week for us before we left for my mum's the night before we flew. I raced around trying to finish photo shoots, leave the house vaguely tidy for our return, end of term antics and post Paris washing. My mum works at Terminal 5 for BA and offers the most excellent airport parking and drop off/dog sitting service! We arrived at her house at almost midnight, lifted two snoozing boys into their beds and set our alarms for 4am. Yes 4am! The Heaths are not great super early morning people so it was unbelievable that the excitement of the holiday got us all up and out on time!


I was drawn to all the hues of red last week making the #capturingcolour gallery so vibrant.

I love the feeling of summertime in all the images. Hazy days, rainy days, days with family and friends. 

You can find all these wonderful accounts to follow here.

And when I saw this beautifully styled shot from Lillian I knew it had to be my ultimate favourite from the week of pairs.

Simple, romantic, elegant, but glamorous. I've had the pleasure of meeting Lillian and this sums up her infectious personality perfectly!

You can follow her stunning feed here


For the next 4 weeks I thought we would have a rest from a weekly theme and just enjoy capturing every colour of the season that inspires you. It's holiday season, the children have broken up from school and people are heading away or staying at home for a stay cation. I love that idea, of a holiday at home, discovering places right on your doorstep. 

It's summer here in the UK which one minute can mean skies full of blue and the next dark grey clouds full of rain! So wherever you are, if it's summer or winter show me the colours you love!

I also have a little treat in store at the end of the 4 weeks for all you colour lovers. More on that soon. 

I have an extraordinary amount of photos and video to go through from our first visit to Greece and will share some favourites this week, but tonight I am forcing myself to have an early night in preparation for the biggest challenge of my photography career to date. I am starting a recipe book shoot first thing in the morning with a superb food stylist, prop stylist and the talented team at Honeybuns. It is going to be a week to remember. I am terribly nervous and extremely excited but I know we are going to create something extra special this week. And I only have you all to thank. It's because of this blog that I've been fortunate enough to work for these lovely people. I will take a few behind the scenes shots to share later in the week! I will also be sharing the best £99 you can spend this summer to keep your little ones entertained, some photos of our family celebrations in Paris and some photos of what I've been photographing lately that has kept this blog quieter than usual.

This book shoot has been over a year in the making, the preparation, dedication and focus that has gone into tomorrow is remarkable. I hope I can do all their gorgeous food justice. 

It will be one of my proudest moments to hold that book in my hands when it's printed. 

Bring it on!