#capturingcolour • Purple

I have to say I've fallen rather in love with indigo this past week.

A perfect excuse to buy stunning Delphiniums in the weekly supermarket shop and play around with packed lunches!

capturing colour

I realised whilst I have a wardrobe bursting with colour, I actually don't wear that much purple. But the one occasion where I felt unbelievably happy in my own skin was at my sister's wedding. I didn't have the nerves of being the bride, I was the slimmest I'd been in years and the day was so full of love and sunshine you couldn't help but be happy!

I've shared this video before on the blog but here it is again! 

I love the Instagram community of colour lovers, here are a few of my favourites you have shared this week.

purple #capturingcolour

This week I loved @cariemay, @georgiestclair, @blooming_lovely_jewellery, @mygoldenpear, @kykaree, @littlelikelylads, @amiliz93 and @tamingtwins.

#capturingcolour is a weekly Instagram hashtag where we all encourage fellow happy snappers to capture a specific colour theme for the week.

This week is YELLOW! Join in with Shutterflies, Real Housewife of Suffolk County, Maybush Studio, Sorry about the Mess and My Two Mums and me and show us some sunshine!