#capturingcolour • Purple

Well what a tricky week!

I love colour, our house is full of colour, but for some reason I find purple one of the hardest. I realised that the purple accents in our home tend to be in the form of flowers and as it has been bitterly cold and I've been extraordinarily busy with work, I haven't ventured out much last week. With the exception of meetings and school runs my week of purple was dominated by my practise in the tool shed session!

I want to build my confidence working in a darker light and so I popped into the shed last Sunday and had a play date for one! Our neighbours kindly gave us their old wooden workbench when they replaced it at Christmas and I am itching to drag it (It weighs a tonne) into the garden when the weather improves as it's the most beautiful prop!

purple flowers
purple flowers

But I was completely overwhelmed at all the BEAUTIFUL images joining in with #capturingcolour as the gallery turned every shade of mauve and violet for a week.

Here were my favourites.


But I just loved this photo from HonestMum. Vicki you are a goddess in gorgeous purple!


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Let's bring some colour into these Wintry days!